Cast Iron Pies

Cast Iron Pies

August 17, 2020

Cast Iron Pies

After a few beers and a few laughs, Harry from Fire to Fork and I had planned a trip away to do some cooking over the fire.

We were heading bush to try an idea and it revolved around a beer can chicken. Could we cook a chook from the inside out? Instead of beer in the can what about coals from a fire? A little fire in the cavity slowly cooking and sealing all those yummy juices... Click here to see how it turned out.

We hit the road after work on a Friday and as we would be getting in late we needed to knock up a few quick dinners for all the crew.

Once the fire was lit Harry got to it. We boiled some water for the Campers Pantry instant meals and peas. Once rehydrated the meals were spooned into a cast iron pie pots laid with a sheet of puff pastry. Then the peas, potato gems and finally grated cheddar cheese as a topper. The lids were popped on and the pies placed into the fire.

Very little prep and very little cleanup needed.

Photos below of the steps from start to finish. There really is nothing to it.

Thanks, Harry for all these photos and the pies, they were delicious.

Check out Harry's Instagram page here and his website here. Harry also now has a Fire to Fork Youtube page with campfire recipes and adventures to remote locations with his wife Sam, pup Fred and others.

Also check out our puff pastry jaffles blog using Campers Pantry instant meals.

 Cast iron pies cooked over the fire

 Cast iron campfire pies preparation


cast iorn pies with Campers Pantry and potato gems 

the first step of the cast iron pies is filling with a Campers Pantry dinner. This one was spaghetti bolognese. 

 next step is adding Campers Pantry peas on the spag bol. make sure the peas are rehydrated first.


Peas in and time for some potato gems to top them. 

 The cast iron pies are topped with potato gems then cheese to melt through. yum


The cast iron pie lids are put on and they are placed into the fire to cook. 

dinner time! cast iron pies are ready to eat. 

couple of photos while the pies cool down. grab another beer and throw some wood on the fire. 

there you go its that easy. cast iron pies cooked in no time at all. super tasty and easy as pie. 


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