So whats is freeze drying all about...?

We get all sorts of questions about our hiking food and also how to use our camping food veggies or meat. Hopefully your questions can be answered with the below. If not get in touch.

Is there any added preservatives?

NO! The drying process the best way to preserve the product for 2 years if unopened. Some meal ingredients have sulphates which are listed on the nutritional panels on our packets. Listen to Tim from Australian Hiker's review of our meals here.


Do I need to cook the meals?

Nope! Our chef has done all the cooking for you. All you need to do is boil some water to add to the bag and wait no more than 10 minutes before tucking in.

Yes you can eat straight from the bag!



Yes. Our sister company who manufactures our meals and pantry ingredients is audited each year by a HACCP Auditor. So whats it all mean? HACCP certification demonstrates your commitment to food safety and increases confidence in your products and services. HACCP is a legal requirement in Australia.

Will cold water cook the meals?

By the powers of Greyskull YES! You can use cold water but the wait time is slightly longer. We actually have cold water lunch options available so you don't need to bust out your stove.


Where does Campers Pantry source it's ingredients including meat? 

We source all our lamb, beef, chicken and pork from local Aussie suppliers. All our other ingredients are sourced local where we can. 


Whats the difference between Freeze Dry V Dehydrated?

Freeze drying takes out almost all the moisture 98% by sublimation, this dramatically reduces the weight, locks in nutrients and flavour. Freeze dried meals are a lot lighter, need lees time to rehydrate therefore use less gas.


How big is a single serve meal?

We like to call ours a "True Single" serve. The meals are around 400g when ready to eat and have a high protein content to fill you up.


Does Campers Pantry have larger packets?

Absolutely! We currently have bigger sizes of veggies. If your needing to add to your doomsday preppers food list, heading off on a expedition or just need to add to your disaster emergency food list then click here.


Does Campers Pantry have any hiking food recipes?

We have a good range of freeze dried vegetables which are perfect for cooking while camping. Check out a few of our recipes here using some of our vegetable range. 


Does Campers Pantry have gluten free or vegan hiking meals?

We are working on it! We've listened to customer feedback and are now looking into these options to add to our range.


Can I buy the meals from my local camping store?

You betcha! We have partnered with some fantastic retailers around Australia. Check out stockists by clicking our Where to Buy section for the full list.



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