A LOT of my life is spent outdoors. Mountaineering, trekking, climbing, paddling, biking and on photoshoots in remote wilderness locations. For all of this, having access to yummy, healthy and practical food is essential. Campers Pantry is my trusted go-to choice for lightweight and dependable adventure meals. I love that the recipes are super tasty, but also made from locally produced Australian ingredients. AJ and the Campers Pantry team are total legends and always get behind the outdoor community. Cheers!

Lachlan Gardiner, International award-winning adventure photographer, writer and filmmaker - Who prefers his office to be outside.  


As I have ventured from one extreme to the other, Campers Pantry has had my back right from the get go. From keeping me full and cozy during my Tassie Winter trek, to keeping me strong and nourished as I charged through the MacDonnell Ranges in the Northern Territory, Campers Pantry has been my top lightweight and nutritious choice. I love that the company takes great care in quality, grows & produces locally, and supports incredible athletes in the field. Looking forward to diving into another pack of Moroccan Pork and Vermicelli Pudding during my next big trek. 
Christine Zelezny, Canadian born international hiker and globe trekker with a tremendous passion for the great outdoors, education and holistic health.


A week’s snow camping on top of Australia: five hungry athletes from The North Face, five hard working film crew and a ton of gear. As cook and guide, this was going to be a logistical nightmare for me. Choosing Campers Pantry freeze-dried meals and meal makers turned out to be the best decision I could have made. The long days burning calories at a frenetic pace left little time to satisfy massive appetites. But Campers Pantry made it easy - lightweight, delicious, nutritious and a cinch to prepare.
Tim Macartney-Snape, World renowned mountaineer, explorer, international speaker, author and entrepreneur. 


I've eaten a sh*tload of freeze-dried in some pretty sketchy places around the world and I'm a massive foodie. Campers Pantry is the only one I'll eat when I'm at home as well as on expedition.
— Jonesy, An iconic Aussie adventurer, presenter, documentary producer and motivational speaker. He’s also an avid bushwalker and spear-fisherman.


We had a choice of freeze dried meals on my South Pole expedition and a mix of brands. Campers Pantry was easily my favourite and the only one that looked and tasted like real food.
Jade Hameister 16, Youngest person to complete Polar Hatrick, North Pole, Greenland & South Pole.


Just about to tuck into Beef Teriyaki from a Tasmanian freeze-dried manufacturer, Campers Pantry. So far their meals have been exceptional. Ming the Cameraman and our resident vegetarian, also reckons every meal has been a stand-out from other brands. Go you guys!
Eric Philips, Adventurer and Guide Icetrek Expeditions and Equipment


To say the meals are nutritious whilst being yummy is an understatement. They fueled and sustained my 7,000 daily calorie need to enable me to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean. My fav's included Creamed Rice Pudding, Cinnamon Rice Pudding, Lamb Casserole, Tuna Mornay and Spaghetti Bolognese.
Michelle Lee, Australia's first female to conquer SOLO the Atlantic Ocean in the world's toughest row. Australian Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2019. 


On our 1800km trek across the outback (with a one year old... yeah I know, it was full on) we set AJ and the team at Campers Pantry a task. Could he help us source nutritious, lightweight, bulk meals and ingredients with minimal packaging that a picky toddler would happily eat? We needed to carry and cook all our food in extremely high Aussie desert temperatures. Mission achieved. Thanks Campers Pantry!
The Jonesy's, Lauren, Justin and daughter Morgan are one of Australias newest Adventure Families. Taking on the Aussie outback with a one year old who had just started to walk as their first epic adventure.


"The tuna mornay went down a real treat, especially after a full day walking in knee deep snow, it definitely warmed me up too. Overall it was pretty damn tasty, and I’d eat it again for sure". 
Simon Costelloe | Bushwalker | Tasmania


"it's hard to find meals for hiking that are easy to prepare and you actually look forward to eating. Campers Pantry Vegetarian Pasta is so much more tasty than the other brands - my biggest regret was not getting more". 
Angi Kim | Climber | New South Wales