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Mix and match for your next adventure!

Sold in a cartons of 6 x 50 gram packets or single 50g packets

Crunchy Crumble Freeze Dried Ice Cream

DIRECTIONS: Enjoy it straight from the packet! NO rehydration needed.

Whisky Ice Cream
This indulgent dessert boasts a dash (or two) of single malt Tasmanian whisky blended with a rich caramel sauce swirled through velvety Tasmanian ice cream, freeze dried for you to enjoy on your favourite tracks and trails.

Chocolate Gelato Ice Cream
Van Diemens Land Creamery combines fair-trade cocoa powder made from high-quality West African cocoa beans with Tasmanian milk to create this decadent chocolate dessert.

Pepperberry & Leatherwood Honey Ice Cream | with 14 awards🥇
Transport yourself to the Tasmanian bush where the pepperberries grow and the bees collect nectar from the leatherwood trees. Experience the taste of citrus fruits and earthy yet sweet balsamic scents combined into creamy ice cream, freeze dried for you to enjoy along your favourite tracks and trails.

Imagine exploring Tasmania’s ancient temperate rainforests and button grass plains, carrying your pack with all the essentials. When you stop for a snack or crave a post -dinner treat, you can now indulge in Tasmanian-made freeze dried ice cream, crafted with ingredients likely found not far from where you sit.

Two Tasmanian Brands as One
We are Campers Pantry and Van Diemens Land Creamery, two Tasmanian brands collaborating to combine two passions: ice cream and the great outdoors.

Q: How do I eat the ice cream?
A: You eat it straight from the packet. It has a violet crumble texture then melts in your mouth.

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