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Prepare your own trail meals with our pantry range and your own dried ingredients to cook and eat straight from the pouch with no cleanup. Perfect for hot or cold breakfasts prepared and eaten from the pouch.

These pouches hold around 200g of freeze-dried product which is around 800g-1kg of wet product.

  • Oxygen Barrier
  • Light Barrier 
  • Cook in the pouch
  • The pouch can be cut to form a bowl
  • Wash, dry and use the pouch again
  • Perfect to pack home made snacks

How to use:

Serves one
1. Fill the pouch with around 80 to 100 grams of freeze-dried and your own dried ingredients.
2. Press as much air out as possible and seal with zip lock closure.
3. To cook, add 200ml of boiling, stir and re-seal the pouch.
4. Gradually add more boiling water to get your desired consistency.
5. Cut pouch in half to form a bowl if needed.





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