July 10, 2018

Tentipi Safir 7CP - Our dream tent...

Finding the perfect tent to pitch is like finding the perfect campsite. And there are so many options to choose from nowadays. Is there an ideal tent for every trip? We found a tent to take on our Aussie adventure that's simple, lightweight, has a 3-minute setup, breathes well and is super roomy. The Safir 7CP from Tentipi Sweden.

Tent Setup

8 pegs and one pole is all you will need to get this huge shelter up and ready for the troops. Supplied with the Tentipi is a measuring cord and fabric guide plate to get the 8 pegs in first. Once in the Tentipi is hooked onto each peg remembering where the door is, the pole is inserted and UP SHE GOES! All thats needed next is a bit of tweaking on the pegs with the straps and the Tentipi is taught and tight. There are extra guy lines for sitting out some serious winds.

It's quiet inside as the wind moves around the Tentipi with ease and because if this the pitch angle doesn't matter that much. The only thing to think of when setting up is where you need the door facing.

 The Tentipi Safir 7CP is our favourite tent we have ever bought. We huse it for 4wd camping and it can be setup in only a few minutes. It's a very roomy tent and is very sturdy in the wind. The added bonus of being able to have a fire inside the tent to warm everyone up when camping in cold conditions. The Tentipi Safir 7CP has vents at the top cone and also at the bottom for air flow. If bad weather is on it's way you can also peg out the guys lines for added strength. Simple setup of 8 pegs and one pole is all you need for most situations. This tent is so far the best tent we have owned.

Above: Hooking each cam strap over the pegs.

When Tentipi of Sweden manufacture the Safir 7CP they do not skimp on features or quality. The Safir 7CP is a very well made tent which we found to be perfect for Australian conditions. The canvas is super durable and breathable and the floor is removable for different camping options. Having 5 mesh vents including the door you get ample amount of air flow when needed. We bought this Tentipi Safir 7CP after doing a lot of research on tents from Australia and around the world. There was a few close contenders but the setup was not as simple and the fabrics/materials were less quality. We are very happy with our tent and are now planning lots of camping trip to get good use out of it.  Above: Inserting the pole into the top cone.

Tentipi of Sweden manufacture tipis for outdoor enthusiasts around the world. Very high quality materials and fabrics are used to form in our mind the best tents in the world. We used ours on a 6 month trip around Australia and loved it's breathability and easy pitch. Weighing in at 12kg it's not at all heavy and the size of 2 blocks of beer packed away if fits in most nooks in the wagon. We put ours on the floor behind the drivers seat so it was easy to get to. We will be using it for a upcoming trip to the Kimberley in Western Australia. We have used this tent on the Tele Track, Bloomfield Track, Outback Queensland, Fraser Island to name a few.

Above: Tightening the cam straps and floor straps.

With fast setup time and quality materials the Tentipi Safir 7CP is in a league of it's own. There is no better tent on the market. Compact and light it's perfect for car camping or 4WD touring especially in Australia. We've used our Tentipi for a long 6 month trip in Australia and have been extremely pleased at it's performance in windy weather. The Tentipi Safir 7CP also breathes very well in hot conditions. We have been all through Queensland in the dry season and it's worked fine. This is the best tent we have ever used.

Above: Setup complete. Tentipi make hard wearing quality tipis which are perfect for Australian conditions. These tents could be the best tents for the Australian 4wd and car camping market. Fast and simple setup and pack down make these our go to tent for Aussie adventures. The Tentipi Safir has ventalaition from the floor, door and roof so catching that small bit of breeze and funnelling it up through the cone is very efficient. Compact and light compared to any other tents made from canvas the Tentipi Safir weighs in at 12kg and is the size of two blocks of Emu Export.  If your travelling as a family you can use the incorporated drying rack for clothing being washed on the move. There are so many features to list of such a simple tent. we love it.

Above: 📷 Punsand Bay FNQ. Final tweaking of the cam straps to pull each corner and floor tight.

Packing up a Tentipi

Packing up is super easy and can be done on top of the floor. If the floor is wet and sandy it can be removed easily and left as a platform to drop the top down for pack up keeping it dry. The floor does come with it's own bag but can be left 


Specifications and Features

  • 2.7 meters high and diameter of 4.5 meters 
  • Top shelf fabrics and materials
  • Surpreme comfort and homely feel
  • Setup in 3 minutes
  • Standing headroom
  • Outstanding ventilation and comfort in hot conditions
  • Top rating for storm-resistance
  • Can be used with an open fire or stove
  • The door has double zips and integrated mosquito net
  • Adaptable for use in snow
  • Ready for use with floor can be left inside when packing up
  • Hanging loop for drying clothes/stuff
  • Ventilator cap/cone has a double piece with six opening points, controllable from Inside the tent
  • Integrated chimney opening with mosquito net in upper part
  • Larger smoke/ventilation opening at the top
  • Mosquito net ceiling allowing good ventilation while stopping mosquitos
  • Storm cords to guy out in storm conditions with reflecting threads woven into the cords; pre-tied and fitted with holders
  • Easy to pack compression bag for tighter packing
  • Reinforced nylon edging for better wear resistance around bottom edge of tent
  • Integrated porch sleeve for a better-fitting and more stylish porch (accessory)
  • Three large, rain-protected, mosquito-netted air intakes at bottom edge of tent for optimal ventilation on hot days and the best possible smoke control
  • High quality collapsible alloy centre pole 


We are happy to say that we are super stoked with our Tentipi Safir 7CP. It's simple, roomy and fast to setup plus being compact and made from excellent quality fabrics to last us our lifetime of camping.

We had only one gripe and that is the floor even though waterproof is still in a way open to creepy crawlies. The master plan now is to seal the floor ourselves with something like velcro so we can still remove it for packing up. Other than that it's the best tent we have ever owned and used.


Above: 📷Night time at Fraser Island after +200ml of rain

The tentipi tent is the best tent for camping in Australia. With simple setup of 8 pegs and one pole the pitch takes no time. Three floor vents a door and a roof/cone vent help with efficient removal of hot air. 4.5 meters in diameter you can sleep the whole family with ease. We had our inflatable camp mat double bed to one side of the pole which took up not even 1/4 of space. Compact and light the Tentipi Sifar 7CP is made mainly from durable canvas with nylon edges. There is a really neat pole cord design for adjusting/opening any side of the cone and if you winter camp you can have a fire inside to keep you toasty warm. Pack up can be done on top of the removable floor so the dry top is sepparate and all you need to dry when you arrive home is the floor.

Above: 📷Tentipi Safir 7CP Size when packed




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