OEG Testimonial for Campers Pantry Review


We first met AJ in 2018 – The Outdoor Education Group identified room to improve what was accepted as traditional camp food. OEG continues to lead the outdoor education sector, so partnering with suppliers at the top of their game is a logical way to live our values through memorable experiences. We will provide outdoor experiences and education to 50,000 young people this year across Australia - we know our Trangia stove inside and out.

Campers Pantry product (vegetables and chicken/beef) suits the way we prepare, cook and eat together. Campers Pantry has completely changed the way we develop menus, pack for the journey and eat together. Our Outdoor Educators appreciate the super quick cook/hydrate times of freeze-dry product – important when we’ve got a large group keen to eat after a big day of activity. The ability to control ingredients in our recipes and menus ensures we can manage dietary requirements safely with an inclusive mindset. The simple fact that every product we use from Campers Pantry is better than other options available to us. There are some cases where Campers Pantry product is better than the fresh produce equivalent simply because it travels better, cooks quicker, and there’s no wastage. There’s never a complaint from our 300 odd staff when Campers Pantry is allocated to a journey or expedition.

Aussie grown, processed, packed and shipped. It is important to us as an organisation and provides an excellent platform for collaboration, product security, and the ability to pick up the phone and have a conversation. Flexibility and willingness to work with our team across multiple states – AJ will deliver product personally to our WA facility (who doesn’t love the Margaret River Region?). Speaks volumes to how the Campers Pantry team approach the customer relationship.

Campers Pantry is willing and able to push the boundary of what can be achieved through the freeze-drying process. New product development that meets our needs – helps achieve compliance in food safety, packaging and label laws.


Andrew Irwin
Catering Quality & Compliance Manager 



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