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3-days camping food bundle for 1 person

Heading out for more than a couple of nights? This 3-day camping food bundle has got you covered.

We've put together some of ours and our customer's favourite meals including snacks.

A variety of 100% freeze-dried super lightweight breakfasts, lunches and dinners full of flavour with everything you need to fuel your adventure. 

Camping food bundle weight 1.1kg approximately.



Breakfast Menu

Our breakfast oat packets are 2 BIG serves. If using over 2 days you'll need to mix up the first half in a bowl.
INSTRUCTIONS: Pour half the packet into a bowl and gradually add hot water while mixing. When the right consistency is reached, serve with a sprinkle of freeze-dried fruit and BYO honey.

Total serves 4

Porridge with Apple, Banana & Hemp Hearts 2 BIG serves pack x 2

Lunch Menu

Our Freeze Dried Dips can be spread on your choice of crackers or wraps etc.

Total serves 3

Indian Chicken Pilaf 100g 1 serve EXPEDITION pack x 1
Spicy Mexican Beans 100g 1 serveEXPEDITION pack x 1
Cauliflower Pea Dahl 100g  1 serve EXPEDITION pack x 1

Dinner & Dessert Menu

INSTRUCTIONS: Cook & eat straight from the bag = No cleanup!

Total serves 3 Dinners, 3 Desserts

Spicy Mexican Beans 100g 1 serve EXPEDITION pack x 1
Indian Chicken Pilaf 1 serve EXPEDITION pack x 1
Penne Bolognese 1 serve EXPEDITION pack x 1
Crunchy Crumble Freeze Dried Ice Cream | Choc Gelato 50g x 1
Crunchy Crumble Freeze Dried Ice Cream | Pepperberry & Leatherwood Honey 50g x 1
Crunchy Crumble Freeze Dried Ice Cream | Whisky 50g x 1


Snacks Menu

INSTRUCTIONS: Snacks can be eaten from the bag.

South Coast Track Trail Mix 250g  x 1
Cheesey Corn Trail Mix 250g x 1
Choc Coated Freeze Dried Strawberries 200g x 1

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📷 Lachlan Gardiner | Adventure Photographer: World Expeditions Mountain Guide Tim Macartney-Snape exploring Changa Himal, far North-West Nepal.


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