Old Telegraph Track


📷 The Silver FOX ready for the next adventure.

Each year during the months of April to September hundreds of adventure travellers head north to Cape York Peninsula. 4WD enthusiasts, like us, have had The Old Telegraph Track on their bucket list. 
We had arranged to meet some Perth buddies for this next part of our trip.
With track and river crossings consistently changing due to the amount of traffic, having mates to guide you through the some tight crossings was a great.  The company at night was also great as we sat around a fire reliving crossings via watching videos and still footage of 4WD dropping into big holes, creek and river crossings.
The Dalhunty River, Nolan's Creek and Elliot Falls were our choice of campsites, all three were fantastic. 
The track was challenging and well worn given it was the end of the season (September). We took it pretty easy and through the hard parts dropped into 4WD low 1 to get through without damaging our wagons and the track. 
The Dalhunty River campsite was spectacular. We spent the afternoon swimming in one of the waterfall pools, a spot of fishing and enjoying some cheese and nibbles sitting in the shade in the river.
📷 Drinks & Nibbles on the Dalhunty River
📷 Meal: Puff Pastry Jaffle filled with Campers Pantry Meals 
The sand was soft at Nolans Creek crossing so the decision to snatch across after hearing of a 79 Landcrusier with front and rear lockers getting swamped, traction being the problem. A few 4WD's were snatched through and then another confident fella arrived and had a go. 30 seconds later his chariot was snatched and drained........ 
The water was perfect temperature for everyone to cool off then setup camp for the night.
📷 Crossing Nolans Creek
📷 Meal: Thai Green Curry with Campers Pantry beans & broccoli 
Fruitbat, Twin and Elliot Falls were magnificent. We swam in all 3, Elliot was kid friendly and relaxing for the adults. Elliot Falls campsite was a QLD parks with toilets and fires were allowed so we made the most of it.  On reflection we could have easily spent another night here. 
📷 Meal: Chorizo with Campers Pantry Mushrooms &  Spaghetti
If you're up for a challenge, like adventuring (and camping) and enjoy 4WDing then you should do the Old Telegraph Track. It covers all sorts of terrain and you experience the beautiful campsites and scenery of the Cape. 


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