July 27, 2018

Car Fridges Galore

Buying a car fridge is an exciting thing but... Every company is out to persuade you theres is better than the next so have a good look around and choose one on features that work best for your situation.

Buying Factors

Em's small, I'm not quite 6ft and the fridge sits on top of a draw. This meant we would need either a low profile model or a fridge drop slide for access. A fridge drop slide will set you back another +$700 on top of the cost of the fridge. We were travelling with our 3 year old so buttons and the door stop/jam spring needed to be out of the way from small fingers. Fridge dimensions, don't buy something too big like we almost did. 

 I spoke to my mate Aaron from Redroads and Outdoorsman Tim Macartney-Snape who have owned these for over 20 years and have had no problems at all. They have travelled all over Australia down lots of outback roads without any hassles. It's always good to get a referral from someone who has used the product.

The Evakool 65 car fridge is like a icebox on steroids. The construction of the walls is thick and insulated to keep all your perishables cool. These walls adding so much insulation also count for the super efficient motor and extended battery life. We used ours on fridge/freezer mode so we could buy bulk meat and freeze it. We had a few custom features added to our car fridge to set the opening of the door and where the display terminal is. We camped for 6 months around Australia in our Landcruiser 80 Series using this fridge as our way of keeping our food cold. We paired it with a Redarc BCDC charging unit and one of Redarc folding solar panels to keep things topped up. Redarc have a great range of Australian made products perfect for 4wd traveling around Australia.

📷Above: the drawing we supplied to Evakool

EvaKool 65 Litre 

After going back and forth at a 4WD show and trying not to buy because the deal was too good to be true we decided to get the new low profile Evakool 65 Fridge/Freezer. Here is a few things that that worked in our favour.

  • Fibreglass finish = no odours. There were a few times we had to pull the fridge out and give it a good wipe because something had fallen through and gone bad. The smell is gone straight away no bull and at one stage it was shellfish. No one wants to deal with that..
  • Door stop/jam - simple. Being able to open the fridge and use both hands to grab out your ingredients is super handy. We had ours custom made to open while half way out of the wagon to a specific height.
  • Aussie Made - Queensland made, this is a big tick in our book.
  • Thick insulated walls - Proven insulated design as a 5 day icebox
  • Fridge/Freezer (options and ice cream!) | Big Fridge (family trip) | Big Freezer (fishing trip) - we ran ours as a fridge/freezer for the first 3 months then got better at the meal planning side of things and switched off the freezer and ran it as a fridge.
  • Cheese section - we love cheese so winner winner chicken dinner! There is a small dairy section to keep cheeses etc

The display on the evakool 65 car fridge is simple and easy to use. We had our display reversed so our 3 year old din't turn if off buy fiddling with it. The Evakool 65  kept our food super chilled from the get go and allowed us to freeze our meat that we were buying in bulk. Planning meals was easier this way as we carried alot of food and could make what we pleased for dinner. We used a fridge slide to access our fridge and because of the low profile we were able to peer in and see what food was there. There is nothing like drinking a super chilled beer in the middle on know where straight out of this perfect fridge. If works really well with Campers Pantry as we sell dried veggies so you can carry more perishable goods while camping around Australia.

📷Above: Evakool display - simple

Maintenance? - yes. Get the air hose out and clean in the opposite way to the fan. This will clean the fins from dust that has made its way in and the fridge will be more efficient if this is clean. Give it a wipe clean. Thats all there is!

In the end...

I still don't believe there is a fridge that works perfectly. We adjusted the temp to try to stop lettuce and veggies from freezing but then other things (beer) isn't cold enough. In the end you find your rhythm with what works for you and meal plan to suit. We love some of the simple features Evakool incorporate into their designs are stoked with our purchase.


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How we set the Silver Fox up for touring Australia and working. It's simple, easy to install and Australian made.

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