Bibbulmun Track Mandalay Beach to Walpole

Bibbulmun Track Mandalay Beach to Walpole

November 30, 2020

Bibbulmun Track | Mandalay Beach to Walpole

A short 3 day hike with stunning beaches and dense fungi filled Karri Forest you'll be planning your next trip before you finish the first.

The Bibbulmun Track is located in Western Australia and streches from Kalamunda east of Perth all the way to the southern terminus of Albany. It's ever changing terrain from jarrah, marri and karri forest regions and then forest hinterland and wetland regions along the south coast. 

Every bit of this track is amazing and can be walked in sections or completed in 6 to 8 weeks. With only 3 days we had to pack in as much adventure as possible and chose the section from Mandalay Beach carpark to Walpole town centre - burger joint.

Our journey started in Perth and our consisted of a team of three.

Mike Collister owner and founder of Adventure Curated is an outdoorsman versed in all types of adventure activities and passionate about the environment and conservation of wilderness areas.

We were also joined by Henry 'Hank' Kelsey director of Wilderness Equipment. Hiking for Hank started shortly after he was born being carried on his mothers or fathers back in prototype child carrier packs on trails around the globe. Hank is always ready for an adventure in between designing and manufacturing some pretty cool gear for the outdoors.

I was also invited along as the cook and chief story teller to keep the team well nourished and entertained.

We left our ride in Walpole and were picked up by our shuttle with a short drive to our starting point on the spectacular southern coast of Western Australia.

Below are some photos of the trip from start to finish.

Here is the Instagram story link - CLICK HERE

Bibbulmun track Mandalay Beach to Walpole

Bibbulmun track Mandalay Beach to Walpole

ABOVE: Tuna wraps for lunch with sliced tomato and freeze dried cheese

 The bibbulmun track map sets are a perfect guide to sections along the way. This map was the Walpole map

ABOVE: Hank navigating to Little Long Point

 Little Long point in the distance on the Mandalay Beach to Walpole section of the Bibbulmun Track

ABOVE: Stunning south coast of Western Australia

 Red Thai Chicken Curry on the bibbulmun track

ABOVE: Red Thai Chicken Curry ingredients
 Hanks new lightweight tent pitched on a stable surface off track. Bibbulmun track hut was taken so we had to pitch elsewhere.

ABOVE: Leave no Trace principal number 2. Camp on durable surfaces

 A quiet bay with no one around on the bibbulmun track near Walpole. We had started this hike at Mandalay Beach


Mandalay Beach to Walpole

Mandalay Beach to Walpole

 ABOVE: Fresh water running onto the beach was perfect for refilling our bottlesMandalay Beach to Walpole

 Mandalay Beach to Walpole
ABOVE: Drunken noodles  = "best hiking dinner ever" Hank

Mandalay Beach to Walpole

Mandalay Beach to Walpole

ABOVE: Cool yellow fungi

Mandalay Beach to Walpole

Mandalay Beach to Walpole karri forest

ABOVE: Towering Karri trees

Karri forest on the bibbulmun track Mandalay Beach to Walpole

 ABOVE: Nornalup Inlet glimpses 













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