Coffee Supreme Instant Freeze-dried


The lightest and tastiest coffee around! 

Coffee Supreme Instant: the best coffee when you can't have the best coffee. 

Instant coffee first patented by D. Strang of Invercargill, 1890. It has been a staple of backcountry huts, rural tea rooms, thermos jugs and Arcoroc mugs since ages ago. Coffee Supreme Instant adds a chapter to that story, allowing you to have the best coffee experience in those far-to-reach places where you couldn’t before.

For our first Instant, we've sourced a delicious coffee from the Yacuanquer region in Colombia. Coffee Supreme Instant is 100% coffee. No additives, no fillers, like the others. We take the same quality coffee, we roast it, brew it and freeze dry it. Instant coffee with traceability, who would’ve thought?

Sold as 7 pack box. 

Tasting Notes

Flavour - Adventure
Aroma - Coffee
Acidity - Enough
Body - Convenient
Finish - First


Producer - Colombia
Region - Yacuanquer
Varietal - Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
Processing - Washed
Altitude - 2000 meters

Collections: DRINKING, Vegetarian

Type: Breakfast