5 Day Solo Pack | Vegetarian

5-days camping food bundle for 1 person

Heading out on a 5-day trip and needing super lightweight tasty food?

Heres a small food bundle that's perfect! All you need to do is stuff it in the top of your pack and lock the door behind you.

This bundle has breakfasts, lunches and dinners full of flavour, nutrients and everything else you need including snacks to fuel your adventure.

Campers Pantry breakfasts, lunches and dinners are 100% freeze-dried which makes them the lightest you can carry. 

Our food is really light so you don't have to cut your toothbrush in half...

Camping food bundle weight 1.8kg approximately.



Breakfast Menu

Our breakfast oat packets are 2 BIG serves. If using over 2 days you'll need to mix up the first half in a bowl.
INSTRUCTIONS: Pour half the packet into a bowl and gradually add water while mixing. When the right consistency is reached, serve with a sprinkle of freeze-dried fruit and BYO honey.


Lunch Menu

INSTRUCTIONS: Cook & eat straight from the bag = No cleanup!


Dinner & Dessert Menu

INSTRUCTIONS: Cook & eat straight from the bag = No cleanup!

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