Food Resupply Service


Campers Pantry offers a resupply of food for hikers at various stages of their thu-hike who require multi day hiking food. We can post to any location for you to pick along the way.

Drop pack weight so it doesn't have to be a slog.

Orders can be done in advance or shipped as needed.

All you need to do is:

1. Check with the business first if you can send a food resupply order to them.
2. Provide us with the correct address of where you want to pick up your order. 
3. Use the field box 'COMPANY' on your order to give us your detailed information. See the below screen shot of our web cart during the checkout process.  
4. Send everything early as most trail towns are regional and freight days are limited in some cases to 3 times a week. Or send us an email with your order number and tell us when and were you need it there.
5. Double check everything. 


BIBBULMUN TRACK Western Australia

If you are hiking the Bibbulmun Track here is a link of accommodation services and their contact details along the track. CLICK HERE 

Pease allow 8-9 days for delivery.


MUNDA BIDDI TRAIL Western Australia

The Munda Biddi Trail runs parallel to the Bibbulmun Track. Campers Pantry can send your food to the accomodation or town businesses. Here is a link to trail towns and services. CLICK HERE

Pease allow 8-9 days for delivery.


HEYSEN TRAIL South Australia

If you are planning a section or thu-hike on the Heysen Trail here is a link to accommodation and services along the way. CLICK HERE

Pease allow 8-9 days for delivery.



Need a hand getting organised? We are here to help. CONTACT US


This is the field to fill in for all food resupplys going to the bibbulmun track, munda biddi or heysen trail. Please fill out you name and the hike you are on so when it arrives at the desired destination the ey will know who it is for. 



The shipping method to send your food to somewhere along the Bibbulmun Track, Heysen Trail or Munda Biddi Trail for pickup. Any multi-day hike in Australia we can service all your food needs.